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District 22-A (Resources for Lions - Training, Brochures, Check Lists and more)


Club President and First Vice President e-Book (22 pgs)

Club Secretary e-Book (19 pgs)

Club President and First Vice President Resources

Club Secretary Resources (19 pgs)

Club Troubleshooting Guide (8 pgs)

Club Structure

Club Treasurer e-Book (15 pgs)

Club Membership Chairperson e-Book (15 pgs)

Club Treasurer Resources

Club Membership Chairperson Resources

Best Practices for Financial Transparency (4 pgs)

Plan for Your Club's Success!

Club Service Chairperson e-Book (15 pgs)

Zone and Region Chairperson e-Book (20 pgs)

Club Service Chairperson Resources

Zone and Region Chairperson Tools (2 pgs)

Lions Club Service Calendar

Meeting Preparation Checklist

Marketing Communications Chairperson Guide March 2023 (4 pgs)

Marketing Resources

Brand Messaging and Style Guide February 2023 (10 pgs)

Marketing Matters. Lions, Get Social: April 2023 (28 pages)

FVDG/DGE Training Program

FVDG/DGE Resources

Seminar Days 1-3 in St. Charles, IL, USA

Seminar Day 4 in Melbourne, Australia


Global Membership Approach resources

Global Membership Facebook Group

Point of Speaking Sheets (4 pgs)

New Club Resources

Lions Clubs Members Resources

Club and Community Needs Assessment (5 pgs)

Certified Guiding Lions Program (54 pgs)

New Member Orientation Training Guide (27 pages)

Certified Guiding Lion Club Assessment (5 pgs)

Blank Membership Application

Certified Guiding Lion CLUB OFFICER TRAINING CHECKLIST (2 pgs)

Constitution and By-Laws - Standard Club version July 2023 (33 pgs)

Cub Program Guide March 2023 (8 pgs)

How to implement a Cub Program March 2023 (2 pgs)